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Revolutionizing farming using Hydroponics.

We are developing a Hydroponics farm at Keshoraipatan, Rajasthan. Around 30 km from the city of Kota.

We intend to mass-produce organic crops using Hydroponics while keeping sustainability in mind.

Commercially Profitable Hydroponics Farming

Zenfarms is promoting the benefits of soilless farming by associating with clients from all across India.

More Food in Less Space.

We are growing a huge variety of herbs, leafy greens and veggies by using less space as compared to traditional farming.

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We are India's leading Agricultural Technology company offering research based solutions for protected cultivation

Outdoor Hydroponics Farm Setup

A 360 degree solution for setting up commercially profitable outdoor hydroponics farms that deliver maximum crop yield.

Indoor Hydroponics Farm Setup

Indoor Farms by Rise Hydroponics, raises crops In an all-round controlled environment monitored by latest technologies.

Polyhouse Structure Development

We build and Install Hydroponics based Poly house- Farming Setups for growing various seasonal and non-seasonal crops.

Live Hydroponic Farming Training & Workshops

Learn Hydroponic Farming on multiple operational farms and gain rich insights on crops, setups and scope.

Subsidy Based Soilless Agriculture Farm

Avail handsome subsidies by Central & State Governments By installing special soil-less farming systems in your space.

Project Development

Choose from widest range of Hydroponics Systems and Rise Hydroponics will implement turnkey solutions for all projects.


A Highly Responsible Hydroponic Farming company of India”.

Rathi group is a diversified family business operating in Jewellery, Real Estate, Education, and Industrial products. Shri Rathi Brothers engaged in manufacturing state-of-the-art welding electrodes using modern technology.

Today, the Rathi group enjoys a respectable position in society. This includes a Jewellery business mainly dealing with silver accessories and a real estate business primarily operating in the Kota region like the Hare Krishna Residency; in the education section, we are running a senior secondary public school by the name of SR Public School, which has hostel facilities.


Water: With these methods, around 80% of the water is saved. This is done by circulating water at regular intervals and restoring it and not using irrigation tech.

Energy: The answer to this question is simple. Solar Energy. Using solar energy, the cost of electricity needed is reduced and increased the efficiency of day-to-day operations.

Environment: Agriculture is a significant contributor to the Greenhouse effect, and that is primarily due to Pesticides. Since those are not used here, this reduces the carbon footprint.

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Avi Agrotech has won the trust of top corporates across India, because of its sharp commitment to apply the best technology and expertise. We are the best Hydroponic Farming company in India.

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